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Poules.com is a platform that enables users to organize pools and is in no way responsible for the pools that are organized on this platform.

A user is one natural person and it is not allowed to participate on Poules.com with more than one account.

It is not allowed to use offensive language or images on Poules.com

Poules.com is not responsible for the content that can be changed by the users themselves, nor for the content of a website that can be reached via a link on Poules.com.

Poules.com always has the right to block or delete users from the website without providing reason.

The personal data that Poules.com collects in the context of participation on this website will be treated according to our privacy policy.

Poules.com will not provide a user’s personal data to third parties, without the explicit permission of the user.

The organizer of a pool is responsible for the compliance with the Dutch law of gambling (Wet op de Kansspelen )and the Code of Conduct for Promotional gambling (Gedragscode Promotionele Kansspelen)

Poules.com is not responsible for damages caused by the participation in any of the pools organized on the platform. Furthermore Poules.com advises all users to only participate in pools of which they know/trust the administrator.

Poules.com is not responsible for damages caused by game, network, programming, or system errors. Neither is Poules.com responsible for incompleteness of data or for the unavailability of the website. We do our best to prevent mistakes or problems. If you come across a mistake, please send us an e-mail to info@poules.com. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Poules.com can make changes to the websites and is not required to announce these changes and is not responsible for damage caused by these changes.

Poules.com is not liable for consequences of decisions (afterwards) of (inter)national Disciplinary committees and (inter)national sportsfederations that have an influence of any sort on results and/or rankings on Poules.com.

Poules.com cannot be made responsible for human error and there will be no discussions about results.

All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to – author rights, brand rights end database rights concerning all content (frontend and backend) on the website- belong to Poules.com and are not allowed to be used or copied without permission.

Poules.com is not responsible for damage caused by content of any kind published on the website.

If you participate in a pool set up by one of our partners, you are obliged to accept the terms and conditions of this pool and they will be valid next to the terms and conditions of Poules.com.