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Privacy statement

Poules.com is acting under the Dutch privacy law (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens).

Poules.com is processing only (personal) data that has been entered by the user him/herself. An e-mail address and name are necessary to fill out, in order to participate on Poules.com. All other (personal) data is not necessary to participate. If these voluntary data is filled out, these can be used for example (but not only) for statistical ends. A picture is also personal data.

Poules.com uses data concerning the name to publish a ranking or a statistic. With participating on Poules.com the user gives his/her agreement for his name to be published on the website. For poules, whose privacy setting ‘poule is visible to the public’ is switched off, the names of the participants are only visible for participants of this particular poule, that are logged in. Other personal data will only be visible after the user filled it in him-/herself.

Poules.com will not publish any user’s e-mail address on the website.

Poules.com can use an e-mail address to contact a user or to send a newsletter from Poules.com. It is always possible to deregister from this Newsletter (at the end of the e-mail).

Poules.com will not share a user’s e-mail address with a third party, without the explicit approval of the user. If a user wants to participate in one of our partner’s poules, it is possible that the user is asked by our partners, if he agrees to the use of his e-mail address for receiving information, a newsletter or offer.

Poules.com or one of its partners can ask for additional personal data in order to be able to give out a price to that user. This additional data is not allowed to be used for any other end than giving out the price and is not published.

Poules.com is processing personal data only for aggregate statistical ends and not for individual tracking.

Poules.com can change or delete personal data on request. For a request, please contact Poules.com by e-mailing us at info@poules.com. Most of the personal data can also be deleted by the user him-/herself through the My Profile page.